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What is Coolant?

car coolant service in engine

Coolant is just another word for antifreeze, but some Philadelphia-area mechanics will use coolant to refer to a 50/50 mix of antifreeze and water. What is coolant doing in your vehicle? In addition to cooling the engine and preventing overheating on hot summer days, coolant prevents the freezing of core components during winter! In order to ensure that you always enjoy peak performance, you need to know how to check coolant levels at home! We’ve covered everything you need to know for BMW cars and SUVs below.

How to Check Coolant Levels in a BMW

  1. Park your vehicle on level ground, and give the engine plenty of time to cool. Waiting at least 30 minutes will set you off on the right foot.
  2. Open the hood and locate the coolant reservoir. In most BMW models, this small black tank is to the left of the engine, but this isn’t always the case. Double-check your owner’s manual if you’re not sure what to look for.
  3. Slowly turn the cap counterclockwise so that excess pressure to be released incrementally.
  4. When the cap is removed, a floating device will appear. If the reservoir is full, the top of this floating device will sit about one inch above the entry point.
  5. At the minimum threshold, the top of the floating device will sit level with the top of the reservoir.

If your coolant level is low, simply check your owner’s manual and pick up an approved BMW coolant from our parts department. A 50/50 mix of coolant and water will generally suffice, but be sure to check the packaging to see if your coolant comes pre-mixed.

More BMW Coolant Tips and Tricks

  • Coolant levels may deplete naturally over time. Even if you haven’t noticed a leak under your vehicle, checking your coolant every six months or so should help you prevent major issues.
  • If you ever have to add more than one quart, a coolant leak is the likely culprit. Schedule service as soon as possible.
  • Approved BMW coolant is usually green. If it’s especially dark in tone, or seems to have taken on a rusty color, you may be dealing with a radiator problem.

It’s not a bad idea to check all your fluid levels while you’re under the hood! Find out how to check transmission fluid and brake fluid today, or learn a little bit about BMW oil changes.

Get More Service Tips from BMW of Turnersville in Turnersville!

Whether you’re performing DIY service at home in Sewell or Williamstown, or you’re gearing up to schedule service at our dealership, we’re here to help you take the next steps with confidence. Explore our service specials or our BMW service tips and tricks today.

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